Leadcore and Downlines Continue to Produce on Lake Lanier.

Report Date: August 31, 2010

Shane Watson Guide Service Report (08-31-10). Leadcore and downlined bluebacks continue to produce day in and day out on Lake Lanier. Somedays have been much better than others since my last report. We've had some trips with 30 to 40 caught and released and the next day work for 4 or 5 stripers. The most consistent producer has been leadcore fished 9 colors out at 3.0 mph with a white 1 oz. jig and a Shadalicious or Basstrix paddle tail. Live bluebacks and Capt. Mack's chartreuse grubs will also work fine on the leadcore. On days when they have bunched up and would stick around, we have done very well on downlined bluebacks fished 35 to 80 feet deep. On days when they have been choosey or scattered, leadcore has out produced live bait 10 to 1. The are groups of fish showing up in many places. There are smaller size stripers on a 40 to 60 foot bottom on and just off points and flats just off the main lake. The are stripers in the mouths to the middle of most deep creek channels. Our better size fish continue to come on, and just off the main channel. There are not as many numbers out there at times, but the average size is much better. Keep moving until you find fish. Some days they have really ate the downlines well while dragging them around. I never have been a big fan of dragging downlines, but much like our leadcore success, somedays the stripers want to chase the baits. Also, we are seeing a lot of fish in the trees at times. Power reeling and downlines have worked on these fish, but expect to use many jigs and live bait rigs when fishing over and down in the trees. This report is brought to you by Shane Watson Guide Service, Hammond's Fishing Center, and Carolina Skiff Boats. Good Fishing and We Appreciate Your Business

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