The Stripers continue to be busting on the surface early and late most days.

Report Date: November 15, 2010

Shane Watson's Lake Lanier Fishing Report. The stripers continue to be feeding on the surface most days. Yesterday morning they were on top very well and this morning in the rain they were up for 3.5 hours. Our best producers this week on the surfacing stripers have been the half ounce white Spro bucktail and a McStick. These fish have ranged in size from 5 to 20 pounds in these schools. It continues to amaze me how many stripers we have seen up on the surface lately. Some days they have stayed a little deeper and we have done well on downlined bluebacks fished 25 feet deep over a 30 to 40 foot bottom. We are also catching some really nice spotted bass that are mixed in with our stripers. This report is brought to you by Shane Watson Guide Service, Hammonds Fishing Center, and Carolina Skiff Boats. We will be running guide trips both morning and afternoon the entire holiday week, including Thanksgiving Day. We Appreciate Your Business.

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