Stripers and Spots on Points and Humps

Report Date: April 17, 2011

Shane Watson Guide Service Report 04-17-11. Since my last report, I've been putting quick reports on my Twitter feed. The fishing has been up and down which is common with this ever changing spring weather. We've had days where they've been on fire and days when you've had to work for them. There are stripers and spots on main lake points, humps, and reef poles both north and south. We've had boats out everyday on morning and afternoon trips and both have been great when the fish have been up and active. Freelined bluebacks and gizzard shad are working best as far as live bait goes. Mc Sticks, Redfins, Scroungers, Flukes, and Fishhead Spins have all produced lately. We are catching and releasing school size stripers, nice spots and a few largemouth while beating the banks with the lures mentioned above. Keep moving and cover as much water as possible for best success. This report is brought to you by Shane Watson Guide Service, Hammond's Fishing Center, and Carolina Skiff Boats. Good Fishing.

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