Stripers, Spots, Largemouth, & Crappie on Lanier.

Report Date: February 4, 2012

Water Temperature: 51
Water Clarity: 4 feet or greater

Shane Watson Guide Service Lake Lanier Report 2-4-12. Our boats continue to do well on downlined trout 25-40 feet deep over a 40-60 foot bottom. Capt. Macks 4 arm shad body u-rigs are also working when the fish are up in the water column. I have ran a good many bucktail jig trips the last few weeks and we've done well beating the banks up north and mid-lake. A white 3/8 to 1/2 oz. Spro bucktail jig with a white fluke or white hyper striper tail has worked best. We've caught and released many stripers up to 25 pounds on the jig and many big spotted and largemouth bass on the jig. It's great to see the largemouth rebound over the last few years. I can remember have good the largemouth bass fishing was here back in the early to mid 70's, it's nice to see some good ones again. The seagulls have been helpful on the stripers some days, especially the further north you go. Down south you will see thousands and thousands of gulls, sitting on the water and flying around. Don't be distracted by these, keep moving until you can find the smaller groups of seagulls that are hitting the water, with and without loons. We are catching some quality stripers right out from under the loons. We've had good reports from our scouts that are way down the lake south, but I haven't been down there this week. Our crappie guide has also been doing very well on jigs, under deeper docks up the lake. It's great to see Lake Lanier come back up, hope it continues to rain. This report is brought to you by Shane Watson Guide Service, Hammond's Fishing Center, and Carolina Skiff Boats. Good Fishing and Watch out for floating debris.

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