Stripers on Early Summertime pattern.

Report Date: May 13, 2011

Shane Watson Guide Service Report (05-13-11). Since my last report we've had boats out on guide trips every day and many things are working. Downlined bluebacks fished 20 to 25 feet deep over a 30 to 35 foot bottom are working well. Early most mornings and after 5 in the afternoon we are seeing busting stripers and spots on top. These surfacing fish have bit Spro Dawgs and Spooks well. Freelines are still producing a few bigger fish, but not as many numbers as before. I have had a couple of customers bring along their fly rods and have done well around reef poles and on points when the fish have been up. If you get over there in the morning and you don't see the stripers on top in the first 30 to 45 minutes, you will be better off downlining. When the fish are on the graph, freshly changed bluebacks are making all the difference. Power reeling live bait is also working well. Capt Mack's 4 arm u-rigs fished 60 feet behind the boat at 3.0 mph are also working. The stripers are on a typical early summertime pattern on Lake Lanier, of fishing a 30 to 35 foot bottom, on and just off points and humps. Overall, the numbers of downline fish have been very good this week. Most of these fish are 5 to 15 pounds, but the action has been great. This report is brought to you by Shane Watson Guide Service, Hammond's Fishing Center, and Carolina Skiff Boats. Good Fishing.

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